How to build your manufacturing business

How to Build Your Manufacturing Business – Connecting Contract Manufacturers and Start-ups

It takes a team to bring hardware to market. A winning strategy joins product developers, contract manufacturers, service providers, and manufacturing experts. You can find them all in New York State, but do you know where to look? And do you know what each team member needs to succeed?

Startups who are developing products are learning how to leverage the innovation ecosystem. Contract manufacturers who are used to working with established companies are learning how to work with entrepreneurs. To overcome these challenges, potential partners need to connect and communicate.

FuzeHub’s Solutions Forum provides an opportunity for the entire ecosystem to meet and exchange ideas. You’ll discover resources, customers, and suppliers while building mutually beneficial relationships. Join FuzeHub, AM&T, and Rev:Ithaca on February 19th at Rev:Ithaca Startup Works for the Build Your Manufacturing Business event.

See the event website for information on organizers, panelists, accommodations, and the agenda.

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Feb 19 2020


8:00 am - 1:00 pm

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Rev:Ithaca Startup Works
314 East State Street Ithaca, NY 14850


Everton Henriques
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