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AM&T is always looking to expand its consulting resource database with providers that offer high-quality, market-driven, cost-effective services that we can offer to our clients.

  • Benefits to working with AM&T
  • Qualification Process
  • High-Level Client Engagement Process

Benefits to working with AM&T

AM&T provides our consulting partner with:

  • Sales and Distribution Channel – Access to over 800 small to medium-sized manufacturing companies in the Southern Tier of New York – Reducing the resource’s sales and marketing costs, and providing an opportunity to increase sales.
  • Pre-qualified Prospects – Our Business Development Manager (BDM) conducts the initial assessment and brings the resource in only after a need has been identified – Significantly reducing the resource’s selling cost and cycle.
  • Limited Liability – All contracts are written between the resource and AM&T – Guaranteeing that you will get paid if all the project requirements are met.

Qualification Process

The first step in becoming an AM&T resource is to complete the Consulting Partner Application.

  • The Consulting Partner Application requests basic information about your organization; general qualifications, areas of expertise, and references.
  • Note: AM&T does not accept applications from organizations that are product vendors and/or resellers. Incomplete information packages will not be processed. All questions and requests for information should be made via email to

If we have a demand for the type of services that your organization provides, you will be contacted and asked to complete the next step in the qualification process, which will include establishing a general agreement and reviewing our client engagement process.

High-Level Client Engagement Process

AM&T’s Consulting Partners work as part of the AM&T to deliver valuable services to our regional manufacturers.  Our client engagement process steps are:


AM&T’s BDM cultivates relationships in the Southern Tier to identify opportunities to support small and mid-sized manufacturers. After a need is identified, the BDM will contact the Consulting Partner to discuss the opportunity.

When applicable, AM&T may provide an opportunity for a Consulting Partner to speak and present material, case-studies and other informational and promotional topics, and AM&T welcomes an invitation by the Consulting Partner to provide the same opportunities when applicable.


AM&T’s BDM is responsible for contracting with the client and the Consulting Partner for a specific project, Consulting Partner activities may include:

  • a project scoping meeting with the client,
  • negotiating project cost and payments,
  • creating and presenting a project proposal.


The Consulting Partner and BDM will conduct a project kickoff meeting with the client.  The Consulting Partner will deliver services according to the contract and provide progress reports to AM&T.

During the project, the BDM, or an assigned AM&T staff member, will be responsible for macro project management to ensure that the project is on schedule, within budget and meets our quality expectations.  


The Consulting Partner will bill AM&T monthly and at the conclusion of satisfying all project requirements, including deliverables such as reports.  AM&T will process billing to the client and will pay the Consulting Partner per the contract between AM&T and the Consulting Partner.

At the conclusion of the project, the client will be asked to complete a project evaluation form to determine:

  • if they were satisfied with the services provided,
  • whether the project added value to the company,
  • and what type of positive impact do they anticipate from the project.

Also, the BDM will meet with the Consulting Partner to complete project close-out activities, and discuss project challenges and successes, as well as possible client needs and future business opportunities.


All projects are surveyed 6-9 months after they are completed to assess and measure the impact of the effort. The survey is conducted by an independent third-party provider contracted by NIST, our federal funder. Information to complete the survey will be reviewed during the project close-out meeting.


Feedback will be provided to the Consulting Partner from the project evaluation and client survey.

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