AM&T uses a comprehensive, holistic, improvement approach to create significant and long-lasting transformation improvements. While we can assist companies with individual improvement methodologies, our experience shows that dramatic change and growth are realized by the combination of several initiatives across the whole value chain. Our service areas include:

AM&T’s Approach


We’ll conduct business diagnostics to assess current state, overall readiness, potential opportunities, and identify gaps. AM&T guides your organization in analyzing where opportunities lie that will align business processes and employees directly with customer and company requirements, using surveys, benchmarking and interviews to discover needs and opportunities.


We’ll help you articulate the desired future state, verify opportunities, develop a plan to close gaps, integrate and align the organization. The drive to achieve world-class performance starts with customer, competitor, supplier, new markets, products, services and organizational analysis. AM&T helps you set and align your goals and target resources to where improvements and new opportunities will have the greatest impact.


We’ll collaborate on best opportunities to drive out cost, increase revenues and dramatically improve business results. Experience shows that organizations have the potential to produce significant savings and gains in many areas of the business using this continuous improvement process.


By integrating process improvement methodologies, business strategy, and key performance measures, AM&T helps organizations empower employees to create a culture of exponential improvement – an organization with unlimited potential for continued growth and success.

Grant opportunities may be available to offset consulting and training costs. Contact us for more information.

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